12 Dozen Days of Christmas {Part 1}

The past few days, I have ventured on a little something I am going to call 12 dozen days of Christmas. I was so fortunate to have a handful of orders this week, but they happen to all be due around the same time and since we are headed to Ohio to visit my in-laws, I had to have them all done by today. All 12 dozen that is! So now that I have finished them, I figured I would share the pics to get you in the mood for some Holiday baking!
The first 6 dozen cookies were for a December birthday. I had the freedom to whatever I felt fit for these birthday cookies and I ended up loving the theme. Given that I have a birthday around Christmas, I know how getting your birthday combined with Christmas can be a bit sad. So with this in mind I wanted to do something 0% Holiday and 100% birthday and this is what I came up with...
Happy Baking Happier Eating!

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