Holiday Traditions

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I was so happy to receive my most favorite holiday treat from my parents last night, in addition to my Christmas tree, that Barry promptly set up. Now, I can officially say I am in the Christmas spirit! In my family, since we have gotten older and each of my siblings and I have lived all over this and other countries, our Holiday traditions are few. Fortunately, few as they may be, they always make me feel the warmth of family and love and despite any amount of bah-humbug-ness, I get into the holiday spirit. One of these dear traditions is the making of Krullers (crullers to some). Krullers are essentially fried dough +/- powdered sugar or glaze and were a popular treat to many European countries. Krullers in my family, I believe came from my paternal grandmother who was Danish, whom I think used to make them when she was younger (maybe?), but in my memory, they were always made by my mom, dad & us kids every Christmas.
I actually do not have the recipe for our krullers, surprising I know, but they are one of those things that means home to me, and it just wouldn't be the same making them in my 2x2' kitchen, not to mention, the recipe makes a TON! All I know is that they are fried in crisco and have a wide range of flour; I vaguely remember the recipe written in my grandmother's handwriting saying something like 4-7 cups of flour, wide range eh? Every time I sink my teeth into them I am brought back to childhood happiness awaiting the day in which Santa would bring me everything I wanted because I was ALWAYS a nice girl! Even though we will be away from my family this Christmas, I just wanted to share one of our Holiday traditions and thank my wonderful parents, and brother who was the messenger, for reminding me of childhood memories! I wish you all a wonderful next couple of days with family and friends, and just take a moment to remember what it means to have Holiday spirit. Do you have any holiday food traditions? I would love to hear about your favorites!
I am so behind on posting and I am going to try my hardest to get caught up before Christmas morning, but I just have to post this short post about something that makes Christmas for me. Happy Baking...Happier Eating this Christmas season!

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