Christmas Cookies {Santa & Elves}

I was so fortunate this year to get a bunch of Christmas orders and even more lucky to get time off before Christmas so that I could actually accept all of my Christmas orders! I think in total I did 230 Christmas sugar cookies, 12 dozen snickerdoodles, 5 dozen malted chocolate sandwich cookies, and 5 lbs of fudge all in 5 days...needless to say, I was busy! But it was fun! So although I am not a huge fan of just posting pictures...I usually like to say something witty or intelligent (haha) in addition to posting pics, but I am not sure there is much else to say! I only wish I had pictures of my kitchen throughout this process...so awesome, let me tell you! As for my family and friends who were hoping that some of this baking madness would show up in their mailbox...sadly...I am starting a new tradition called New Years (Christmas) gifts. Sorry, there was not a minute to spare and I didn't want your treats sitting in some strange place over the holiday weekend, so it is the thought that matters and that thought is there, but you won't be seeing that thought until next week! Anyway...enjoy some pics!

 This was my favorite Santa I must say! I just used a heart cutter turned upside down.
 gotta love green disco dust!
more to come...

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  1. Girl, you've been busy!!! I'm so jealous...I couldn't make a single Christmas cookie this year because of the chaos around here. We're finally in the new house and buried in a sea of boxes again. Renovations to our kitchen start in January so it will be a while before I'm baking and decorating again. :o( I love your Santas and elves...so cute! Hope you and your hubby have a wonderful Christmas!! Happy 2011 too!


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