Catching Up...

Seriously?!?! Seriously?!?! How the heck is it September 1st 2nd and I am pretty sure I haven't posted at all in the last month! So saddening! Not to worry, I have been doing a LOT of baking but just haven't been doing much sharing :( sometimes there just aren't enough hours in a day, well there pretty much are never enough hours in my world! 

So you ask...what have I been up to...let me count the ways...I have been on a "real job" search because just in case you are interested in my countdown, I have less than 10 months until I am done with my 12 year journey of school, more school, and residency! That's right, I will be on my own, and I cannot wait! So naturally, I have got to get a job lined up! In addition to that, I have been doing my fare share of baking and decorating, wouldn't want to let you all down. So pardon the mass post, but here is what I have been workin' on...

Alfajores: homemade dulce de leche sandwich'd between two flaky buttery cookies...these were for a sophisticated bridal shower tea.
In addition, I made these for cookie favors, think I loved them! 
My next big deal was my wonderful sister's wedding...I am going to have to do an entire post on the extravaganza, however let's just say 6 different cakes, sandwich cookies, and a little thing called bread pudding...all prepared in a summer camp! The only bad thing...I didn't get a SINGLE picture except the one below of the sugar cookie cake topper I made...so I can't post all about it until I get the pics from the photographers!
(Like how I posted the pic twice? I pretty much love this lil' thing!)
 Right after the wedding, I did some baby shower cookies for a little gal named Taylor. Chocolate cookies with deep pink & white icing.
I then made sandwich cookies galore and adorable firetruck sugar cookies for a 3rd birthday (more on that to come). And finally, I made this little cake, which actually, despite not having slept the night before (because of the "real job"), I ended up really liking it! It was a sugar-free cake (hard to imagine, I know) that I will definitely be posting about, because rumor has it, it was actually delicious! Who knew fake sugar could be so good!
 Now, I leave you with that...I will be seeing you all soon with lots more about what I have been up to with recipes!!! Scouts honor, lol!
Happy baking, happier eating!


  1. Beautiful work!! Love the cake topper!
    Good luck with the job search, can't wait to hear where you end up!

  2. Thank you for posting the mass post! I seriously was becoming addicted to checking your site to see if you posted anything new, then I had to remind myself that you already have a gig as an anesthesiologist and have to do your baking in your "off" time. Beautiful bridal shower cookies - love them! I love it all. Did you make the roses for the cake? They are perfect. The squiggle work (yes I did type that - ha ha) is impeccible, too. And if you want, you can come work in Vt. for your full time job and then I can assist you for your part time baking job! Plan? Plan. Beth

  3. These are adorable! If I had my way you'd post daily, but I UNDERSTAND!!!

  4. wow...I'm pooped just looking at it all, you'd think it was 6 months of work. the sugar free cake...amazing, simplicity at its best. the cookie people are so sweet, I love the hair! must try that combed technique, it made me smile:)


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