Flower Cookies

All afternoon, I sat at work dreaming about what I would bake when I got off this afternoon. Unfortunately, the afternoon became evening and when I got home and got ready to bake, I realized I am just too tired to bake, so sad! Alas, I decided to blog instead, better to write about baking than nothing at all! Plus I have a big order this weekend which I am REALLY excited about so I will be baking all weekend, which I REALLY love! What makes this even better...March Madness is on all weekend, so my hunny will be well entertained while I am baking away!

I did these flower cookies about a week ago, and sorta forgot to write about them. I wanted to use this huge scalloped circle cutter I have had for some time and figured it would look really cool with some off-center flowers. A little more creative than just a daisy, right? They turned out pretty great, unfortunately I forgot to take more step by step photos, but they are pretty easy...
  1. pipe out flower in black, let dry a few minutes
  2. flow with burgundy colored royal icing, allow to set for at least 30 minutes
  3. pipe on little black dots as seen in picture
Soooo simple! So here are a couple more pictures at different angles. I look forward to sharing my weekend baking with you all and am hoping to be in the kitchen more, oh how I've missed it! As always...happy baking...happier eating!

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