Pelicans & Sailboats!

Wow! It seems like it has been forever since I have posted some pics and said a few words! Rest assured, I have been baking, just not a lot of extra time to post. So I have a back log that I will be posting in the next day or two ;)
So...the cookies for Crystal's Papa are finally complete, and hopefully eaten at this point! I sent them off Tuesday and there should be much celebrating on going throughout his party weekend given he turned the fabulous age of 90! Wow...I cannot even imagine, I hope to make it there-90 that is, and Barry better be there with me sitting on the porch in the rocking chair awaiting some fabulous cookie creation that I will be working on while wearing my polyester, elastic banded pants and short permed hair-do. I can see it now, 90 is the new 40!
So you all may remember I did a little practice run-through for these cookies as I wanted them to be special well-thought out. So this made it a bit easier when I was decorating last Sunday as I already had a good idea as to what I wanted to do. The sailboats turned out really cute as did the pelicans (which Barry kept referring to as the Pelican Briefs, lol). The only problem with these cookies was the shipping...I am reeeaaally hoping they made it intact, this is always the stressful part of shipping cookies...will they make it in one piece or 50?!?! Hopefully in this case, they made it in one! There were quite a few of them-2 dozen boats and 2 dozen pelicans, along with 2 dozen snickerdoodles...yummy, they have that cinnamon thing going on for them!  So anyway, here are the pics and a little along the lines of what I did to make them complete.
For the sailboats, I used a scalloped rectangle 
and covered it in blue sparkle royal icing.
I allowed this to dry and then piped the bottom 
of the boat and the mast in brown sparkle
Finally I piped on the white sails and little orange detail. After allowing this to dry for a number of hours, I piped on the final orange wording
As for the pelicans, I started by piping in the orange beaks and feet and allowed this to dry
then I piped in the white and piped a little brown eye at the top of the beak
all wrapped up with a little bow
Finally, the snickerdoodles were pretty simple, the only difficult part was not eating them, they smell soooooooooo gooooooooood! Believe me! Alright I am off to help my sis deliver and set up her floral masterpieces for a wedding in Palm Springs, can't wait to see how beautiful it will be! Happy baking...happier eating!

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