Post Card Cookies

Where has the tradition of letter and postcard writing gone...into cyberspace I suppose? Well one thing is for sure, I would much rather send or receive a handwritten note over an email anyday, just call me old fashioned! So what is even better than a handwritten card? An edible postcard that is!
Barry and I wanted to do something special for my Grandpa and Barry came up with this FABULOUS idea of making him cookies decorated as the backs of postcards (just another reason I love him so). Great idea right! We then decided to make them from each of the places he and I have lived in. This got me thinking, how cute would it be to do double sided cookies decorated like postcards! Well, unfortunately this time around I could only manage one sided cookies as I didn't have a ton of time and I was working with one eye after this little eye procedure I had which left me with a patched left eye. Let me tell you what a sight I have been with this patch! Anyway, I definitely plan to do the double sided postcard cookies very soon!

The cookies turned out really cute in my opinion and such a great idea for so many various occasions! I really hope grandpops likes them :) Well all, happy baking...happier eating!
OHIO! Barry was born and raised in Northeast Ohio.
 NEVADA! My home state!
When Barry first moved to LA he lived in 
Santa Monica, we met shortly after! (03-04)
Oh Philadelphia! I spent 4 years in Philly for medical school. (04-08)
Manhattan...amazing food but such an interesting place. 
This became Barry's second home for work (04-09).
Our first place we picked out together after I 
moved back from the East Coast, back to CA. (08-09)
And here we are now...home sweet home, for now at least!
All packaged up and ready to send, just like a bundle of mail!

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