If "one is the lonliest number"...

Thirty must mean you are anything but lonely! Isn't 30 such a wonderful number!?! I must say, as I get closer and closer to that birthday, I like it more and more. But more importantly, 30 is fabulous today because my dearest friend Brook is 30 today, on Friday the 13th, which is even more fab! I wanted to say a very HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her, so I sent some fun and fabulous green, white & purple sugar cookies for her special day.

Unfortunately, I totally forgot to photograph before packaging (this is what happens when I am trying to multi-task at 5 am before heading out for work) so the pics do not show them in their best light, but oh well! They were fun and cute, and hopefully yummy. I even used wheat flour. This was a special addition for Brook, she is the healthiest person I know, so I figured I would pretend these guys are healthful! Gotta love it! Well Brook, Happy 30th! Happy baking, happier eating!


  1. How sweet! Those are really nice. I'm sure your friend loved them. Do you use royal icing?

  2. Linzy! You are the dearest friend, you make me feel so special!! I loved the cookies so much and the lovely book was the perfect touch . . . :-) These are healthful fiber cookies with that whole wheat! LOVE LOVE LOVE Brook!

  3. Brook you are so welcome! I am so happy you enjoyed them, and you are the dearest friend!


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