Isn't one such a fabulous age! I think so! I was so excited when I got asked to make these cookies by a friend from college. She wanted to give them to a friend who's daughter, Violet, was having a 1st birthday. Here is what I came up with...and I have a little tutorial on how to make the flowers.

 Put your number right in the middle.
 With really thick royal icing & tip #81 (curved side up) pipe a 
plus sign making each side equal in length.
 Pipe 4 more equal length segments in between the 4 arms of the plus sign.
 Fill the entire bottom with long segment, then start overlapping with shorter segments 
until you have about 4 layers on top of eachother. Then simply fill in the top with 
short segments to make the mum look full.
 Place 3-6 colored sugar pearls in the center. Remember don't spend a bunch 
of money on buying sugar pearls in every color of the rainbow, you can easily 
make a variety of colors by following my tutorial.
Happy Baking, Happier Eating!


  1. So pretty! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Linzy, these are so pretty!!! Love the mums! Spring has sprung here in NY. FINALLY! Can't wait to make some flower cookies myself!

  3. Thanks for sharing how to make the flowers!


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