Baby Cookies Galore

There are so many babies being born it is amazing to me! Or maybe I am just at that age that everyone is having babies, I think this is the explanation ;) Either way, I LOVE it! I have to say, I just love making cookies for baby showers, they are so cute and you can use such fun colors and sparkles that always make them just that much better!
This batch of cookies actually served double duty. My sister had asked me to make some cookie favors for a shower for her good friend from high school who is having a baby girl. As I was making them, and having so much fun doing it, I figured I would go a little overboard (making about 8 dozen mini cookies plus the 20 larger cookies for the actual favors), and send some of the minis to my good friend who is delivering any day now for a little cookie care package.
For the minis, I had a 'baby shower' set of cookie cutters in which I chose to use the onesie, bib, stroller, and bottle. As for the cookie favors, I had the great idea of free-hand piping (drawing with frosting) little babies in stork bags on scalloped circle cookies. My hunny had this great idea of making the minis look like iced animal crackers, which was such an adorable idea, however, I had so much fun decorating them, they sorta turned into I guess high fashion animal crackers! For the shower, I layered the minis in a cute white tin with parchment in between and then layered the favors, which were all individually wrapped with ribbon, on top. As for the cookie care package, I placed them in a gusseted cellophane bag and they truly looked like iced animal crackers (in baby theme of course)! So cute, great idea from my better half! 
baby bottles and strollers, both dusted with luster dust

 lavender onesies with teal or pink pocket hearts
babies in stork bags with purple bows and 
all wrapped up with a pretty pink ribbon

light pink bibs with silver disco dust 
heart or simple white heart-dot design

all wrapped up in a tin with a little pink bow

To everyone, happy baking...happier eating!!!


  1. Amanda Safford3/05/2010 1:06 PM

    These cookies are just amazing and beyond adorable! I just received them and everything arrived in perfect condition, just in time for the shower! I can't believe you were able to freehand the frosting. What a great idea for a baby shower - thank you Linzy and Cori!

  2. Hi Mandy! Great to hear from you, I am so glad you enjoyed the cookies. Such a nice friend hosting the shower :) Hope all is well with you and your little one (or maybe big by now). xox!


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