Henna Cake

Party people, we are at 100 followers! Way to go...only 25 more until I can give those lucky people the adorable cupcake luggage tags! If you have no idea what I am talking about, check out my on-going giveaway!
So what am I sharing today, a cake that I made a couple of weeks ago for a 30th birthday. I had a lot of fun with this cake and I am hoping to have a tutorial on it soon. The problem is that I am usually pretty pressed for time when it comes to my baking (damn day job) so I rarely take pics for a tutorial. But I promise, someday soon!
This cake has some definite pros and cons...
  • Pros: 
    • looks amazing
    • creative & fun
    • hides flaws in your frosting job
  • Cons:
    • very time consuming!
    • your hand will be sore from piping
    • if you are a perfectionist like me, it will be hard to get over the fact it is not going to look 100% perfect because it is a work of art and perfect in its own way!
    Okay give it a try if you like, and by all means if you give it a shot, post pictures to my facebook page, I would love to see what you create! Just have fun with it! And if you are not a caker but you are a cookier (yes those are both nouns, lol!) try it on your next batch of cookies!
    Happy Baking, Happier Eating!


    1. Amazing! I love it!! :) You are awesome!

    2. Very cool design!!!You are so talented :)

    3. Are you a surgeon (sp?) or WHAT! Holy Moly!!!

    4. Beautiful! That must have taken some serious time and talent! I love the colors, too.

    5. Thank you all for your sweet comments! It dies take a lot more time than I initially thought it would! But worth it I think.
      Callye I am actually an anesthesiologist :)

    6. Beautiful design work! You must be so proud of this cake.

    7. So I have made it your way via The Baking Sheet. I love your blog and look forward to suing it for inspiration!

      Feel free to check out mine:

    8. This cake looks phenomenal! I love the detailed, intricate design! Love, love, love it!

    9. I'm Cheryl. I saw your tutorial on The Baking Sheet and immediately went to your site to see your work ! Soooo pretty! Don't have a blog or anything - just learning how to decorate!


    10. Thanks Cheryl for stopping by! Good luck with your learning!


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